1st Technical Workshop for SMEs in Seville!

The IAT headquarters in Seville hosted a conference called ¨Innovative Solutions for Energy Efficiency, ¨ which discussed activity developed through the case-studies of the EMILIE project. The conference announced the potential of certain innovative energy-efficient technologies including HVAC systems and the industrial refrigeration sector.

The opening ceremony was conducted by the Director of International Affairs of IAT, María Fernandez. She then gave the floor to other speakers, including representatives of the Andalusian Energy Agency, members of ITARCON, and members of IAT. These speakers addressed topics such as innovative initiatives on energy efficiency in buildings, actual case-studies addressed within the EMILIE project, innovations related to industrial refrigeration in supermarkets, and existing programs for promoting energy efficiency in Andalusia.

This conference was held to highlight the importance of incorporating innovation in the portfolio of products and services offered by the companies in the energy-efficiency sector, with the aim of improving their competitiveness and increasing their growth, resulting in a generation of quality of employment at the regional level. Four papers were presented that aroused the interest of the attendees, and the conference ended with an interesting discussion.

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (EDRF) inside the framework of the MED program, the EMILIE project aims to support the potential growth and the capacity for innovation of SMEs in energy efficient buildings in the tertiary building sector at the transnational level to actively contribute to growth, competitiveness, and job creation in the Mediterranean area. In addition to IAT, representative organizations from 5 different countries were in attendance: AREA Science Park (Italy), Foundation CIRCE (Spain), Capenergies (France), Josef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), and REA KVARNER (Croatia). 

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