Stay Updated on 6 Innovative Pilots in the 2nd EMILIE Newsletter

The second EMILIE Newsletter was released on16 July 2014, detailing EMILIE pilot projects as they spring to life with most being operational by the end of this month! Also featured in this newsletter is the 3rd Capitalization Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which highlighted funding opportunities for SMEs in the field of energy efficient buildings.

Already accessible for visitors is the InfraSUN pilot plant at JSI in Ljubljana, where one can see the demonstration and testing of emerging solar technology using two absorption chillers and an innovative vacuum tube collector field. The first visits at the HVACLab pilot plant in Seville will also commence shortly, showcasing how HVAC system technology has been improved for office buildings. A third EMILIE pilot plant, Glassolating in Zaragoza, Spain, recently began testing the efficiency and usefulness of Phase Change Materials to assess its insulation solution potential when compared to conventional glass. Other EMILIE pilot projects, including SunLab (Italy), SmartEE (France), and SunCool (Croatia), will be featured in upcoming newsletters.

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