HVAC Technology Lab for Office Buildings

The objective of HVAC pilot plant, located in Sevilla, is to show energy saving that can be achieved by means of improving performance of the HVAC system technology concerning insulation of all and other actions of energy efficiency measures in order to improve the coefficient of performance (COP) of whole installation.

This pilot activity includes two different experimental set ups that will be adapted or developed to test the energy performance of HVAC system of IAT building. Once simulations are developed, both insulation of distribution facilities and measures to improve the performance of HVAC system will be done.HVAC2

The pilot plant will consist of a simulation of innovative solutions into HVAC system to office buildings with assessment of the cost-benefit analysis. This simulation will be developed by means of EnergyPlus software, which analyses both energy demand and consumption, and also by CALENER, which is official national software for energy certification of residential buildings. This analysis will also include a Life Cycle Assessment of whole HVAC installation, defining the reduction of greenhouse emissions with the innovation developed.

The air conditioning installation of IAT building will be monitored over long time periods to analyse its performance. Under different air conditioning scenarios, the energy consumption of current HVAC system will be compared to energy consumption after COP improvement measures are applied.  The temperature of distribution facilities will be measured in order to check the improvement of insulation level, and with that, the improvement of the HVAC system performance.  Since HVAC performance depends on the outside temperature, data will be obtained in different climate seasons to compare the results.HVAC3

Simulation results will define the system lay-out for implementing the solution in the office building. The improvement of the performance of the whole HVAC system will be done by means of the EnergyPlus model, measures with flow meters, and by comparison of electric invoice  of previous years.HVAC4

Once the project ends the pilot plant will be implemented in the IAT office building. This site constitutes the “HVAC technology Lab for office buildings” which will be open to all potentially interested users. This Lab intends to contribute to creating preconditions for accessing innovative technologies more easily on a transnational level.

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