MED 2007-2013 programme ends with a bang

Symbolically marking the end of a programme period, on the 18 June 2015 a workshop entitled ‘Innovation for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in Mediterranean regions and cities’ was organized in Brussels by the MED programme in cooperation with the projects EMILIE and GRASP, and hosted by the Delegation of the Catalonia Government to the European Union.


Held in the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2015, and moderated by the MED programme officers Ms Mercedes Acitores and Mr Javier Gomez Prieto, the aim of this event was to give a complete and accurate overview of what has been done in terms of implementation of technical solutions and harmonization of standards, with a look on future MED steps.


The workshop was also used as an opportunity to illustrate the main results obtained by several energy topic related projects financed with European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), under the framework of the EU Mediterranean programme.


In the opening of the workshop, participants were greeted by Ms Ana Repullo from DG REGIO and Mr Wolfgang Petzold coming from the Committee of the Regions.


Panel one gathered the representatives of projects EMILIE, ENERTICUS, REPUBLIC-MED and MAIN, focusing on the innovations in EE and RES sector. The second panel dedicated to RES and EE as drivers of decarbonisation in key Mediterranean sector included the presentations of GRASP, CO-EFFICIENT, GREENBERTH, E2STORMED and project SINERGIA. Finally, in putting forward MED programme and projects results at cluster and policy level, the outcomes of MARIE, SMARTINMED, PVNET, ENERCOAST and GREENPARTNERSHIPS were presented.


Apart from the panels gathering project representatives, an interesting and highly useful focus session was held, featuring talks from DG REGIO, DG ENERGY, JASPERS, EASME and Covenant of Mayors representatives, presenting programme synergies as well as existing and upcoming funding possibilities.


If we were to summarize the main workshop conclusions, those were be the need to capitalize on the valuable results achieved so far by the projects, the need to come together, exchange knowledge between the projects, between the different regions, and also between the different EC programmes, all in order to increase the efficiency in reaching the common goals in the RES/EE and other fields.



Following this workshop, the 13 MED projects that implemented pilots and testing activities with distinct output shared their findings. Coordinated by GRASP project lead partner, this report (Innovation for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in Mediterranean regions and cities) presents a summary of the main results from the pilots and test performed by the participating projects.



Download here the conclusions of the workshop.

Download the report "Innovation for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in Mediterranean regions and cities":

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