ANIMA Investment Network

who we are

ANIMA Investment Network is a multi-country platform supporting economic development in the Mediterranean. The ANIMA network gathers around 80 governmental agencies and international networks. The objective of ANIMA is to contribute to a better investment and business climate and to the growth of capital flows into the Mediterranean region.

Missions of the network

The ANIMA Investment Network is committed to promoting shared and sustainable economic development in the Mediterranean, particularly in relation with Europe and neighbouring countries (Black Sea, Gulf States, etc.).

ANIMA participates, in association with a network of public and private, national and international stakeholders, in the development of investments and business partnerships, of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the internationalisation of companies, in order to contribute to the creation of added-value and jobs, increased awareness of the environmental and social challenges, balanced partnerships between North and South and the economic integration of the countries in the region.

Targeted sectors and areas of interest

  • Promotion of the regions: ANIMA produces several studies each year in addition to its Mediterranean Investment and Partnership Observatory (MIPO). Several seminars are organised to enable the different stakeholders to share their experiences and strengthen their skills;
  • New sectoral / industrial environment: ANIMA leads the Invest in Med programme. This EU co-funded programme aims to develop sustainable trade relationships, investment and business partnerships between the two rims of the Mediterranean through the creation of Euro-Mediterranean clusters for the key competitive sectors of the region but also through business forums, staff exchanges and so on;
  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship: ANIMA leads the MedVentures initiative, which aims to help Mediterranean startups in their internationalisation process. To do so, business plan competitions, business meetings with investors and strategic partners are organised for the startups. Networking between the intermediary organisations supporting innovative companies is also facilitated.
  • Promote responsible investment ANIMA Investment Network is now a participant in the Global Compact, a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles.
what we offer

Join the 'ANIMA community'

  • Free access to the ANIMA network’s members directory
  • Information on all the network activities and access to the events calendar
  • Focus on the organisation on the ANIMA website and in the Link in Med directory which has 6,400 members
  • Free invitation for two people to two networking events per year: ANIMA’s General Assembly & Euromed Invest, the Mediterranean trade and investment summit
  • Participation in the General Assembly with voting rights
  • Participation in MedAcademy training seminars and workshops organised by ANIMA (potential coverage of expenses depending on sponsoring)
  • Opportunity to suggest actions, news, initiatives and events (through the ANIMA Network extranet)

 Investment intelligence (via ANIMA extranet)

  • Full online access to ANIMA-MIPO, the Mediterranean Investments and Partnerships Observatory (800 listed and qualified investment projects per year over 10 South Mediterranean countries with a multi-criteria search available by country / sector / origin / date)
  • Free access to ANIMA’s sector-based and thematic studies (4 studies per year)
  • Exclusive access to strategic and sector-based notes produced by ANIMA and its network of experts (World Bank, European Commission, etc.)
  • Access to the monthly newsletter published by ANIMA

 ANIMA database

  • Full access to ANIMA studies 2003-2007
  • Summary of studies 2008-2010
  • Access to documentation and database via extranet

ANIMA Investment Network

11bis rue St-Ferréol
F-13001 Marseille

Tel: 33 (0)4 96 11 67 60
Fax: 33 (0)4 96 11 67 61

Emmanuel NOUTARY
General Delegate
Tel.: +33 4 96 11 67 67
Project Officer, Innovation, Investment
Tel.: +33 4 96 11 18 13
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