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who we are

Friuli Venezia Giulia Energy Agency is a local energy agency born under the initiative of the Udine Province (Environment Department) thanks to the European Commission cofunding (IEE Programme).

Currently Friuli Venezia Giulia Energy Agency is a no-profit association that aims to support sustainable development and help local communities to achieve significant and measurable improvements in RES & RUE fields.

The Agency provides timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information as well as support to policy makers, economic bodies and the general public concerning energy saving & efficiency as well as renewable energy sources utilization.


what we offer

the Friuli Venezia Giulia Energy Agency offers the following services: 

  • CasaClima certifications

APE’s technicians are authorized to perform the CasaClima certifications. CasaClima is a building energy performance standard which certificates houses with low energy needs: a CasaClima certification means energy and money savings, sustainable approach and high comfort at home.

  • Counceling to Publich Authorities, policy makers, privates, and citizens

APE aims to promote in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region better energy performances of buildings. In the framework of European, Italian and regional energy strategy plans, APE evaluates the potential of local renewable energy sources (solar energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectrical energy and biomasses) in order to understand what are the energy vocations of the region.


  • Training centre for energy saving and efficiency in buildings

APE organizes courses mainly addressed to craftsmen, installers and planners (CasaClima training program) and to people working on energy issues (Energy Manager, in cooperation with ENEA and FIRE).



Agenzia Per l’Energia del Friuli Venezia Giulia
Via Santa Lucia, 19 33013 Gemona del Friuli  -UDINE

Tel : +39 0432 980 322
Fax : +39 0432 309 985
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