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who we are

AREA Science Park draws together facilities and skills to work on behalf of the competitiveness of the private sector, the promotion of research results, local innovation, and the development of start ups. With 88 resident organizations – R&D centres and high-tech firms – and a staff of 2400, AREA Science Park is an  inestimable resource for small, medium, and large enterprises, research centres, start ups, public administrations, and the region as a whole.

Large enterprises can turn to AREA Science Park to find international research institutions and the adequate skills and facilities to launch R&D projects, define future trends, and steer corporate policies in the best direction.

SMEs that establish themselves in the  science Park can be part of an authoritative, leading system that can provide opportunities which would be inaccessible otherwise. Establishment in the Park makes it possible to work side-by-side with top-notch research centres and to access services and experts that can launch R&D activities and improve competitiveness.

The research institutes established in AREA Science Park will find fully-equipped laboratories and a system of opportunities to improve their research and make it more efficient, together with the ideal partners for the development of joint projects and participation in European calls for proposals. Anyone with a business idea can find the necessary skills and funding to launch a start up, and subsequently experts and services to help their company grow.

AREA Science Park provides instlitutions and public administrations over thirty years of experience in the management of a science and technology park, and an established network of international relations that can define future research trends and steer regional development policies.

what we offer

Some specialised and consultancy services are provided directly by staff of AREA Science Park or its in-house company Innovation Factory, while others are provided by other resident companies or by external service providers. The service offered are the following:

 1.      Promotion and valorization of competences  and research results

 2.      Support in the redaction of a business plan

 3.      Support for creating a comapany

 4.      Technology roadmapping

 5.      Analysis of economic and financial stability

 6.      Training for business innovation

 7.      Patent and Document Information

 8.      Company Profile

 9.      Sector studies

 10.    Benchmarking

 11.    Innovative Materials

12.     Networking

13.     Patent valorization

14.     Business intelligence

15.     Information, Training, Assistance for  VII FP – APRE FVG OFFICE -     TRIESTE

16.    Welcome Office Friuli Venezia Giulia



AREA Science Park

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