AVALIS de Catalunya, SGR

who we are

Avalis de Catalunya, SGR, is a mutual guarantee incorporated in 2003 under the impetus of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the collaboration of all the Catalan financial sector, banks and national banks operating in Catalonia, cameras, most representative employers , associations, etc., which became part of the capital of the company as patron members.

what we offer

Avalis's mission is to facilitate access to finance for SMEs and self Catalans, to financial institutions, improving economic conditions and covering operations possible guarantees and solvency deficiencies that financial institutions apply to SMEs and freelancers.

Currently, as a result of the current financial situation, Avalis is facilitating access to capital financing and restructuring liabilities.


Their goal is that in Catalonia, good business projects SMEs and freelancers, have access to funding and also in the best conditions.


Phone Call-Center: +34 902 302 260

Phone offices: +34 932 980 260



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