Basilicata Region

who we are

The Department of Productive Activity Policies for Enterprises and Jobs and Technological Innovation of the Basilicata Region plans policies and promotes projects to internationalise the entrepreneurial system and grants financing for businesses that implement innovation projects.


what we offer

The Basilicata Region favours innovation among regional enterprises and grants different financing through the following activities:

  • Supports the competitive development of the small and medium businesses of the region through the granting of financing for investments in projects of innovative product technology and/or productive processes as well as projects of technological internationalisation;
  • Supports the internationalisation of regional enterprises
  • Manages various financing instruments in favour of regional small and medium businesses;
  • Grants assistance to investments in research and development for small and medium businesses (several tenders restricted only to small and medium business with registered offices operating in the City of Potenza).


Dipartimento Attività Produttive Politiche dell’Impresa e del Lavoro ed Innovazione Tecnologica – Ufficio Internazionalizzazione Ricerca Scientifica ed Innovazione Tecnologica

Via V. Verrastro n. 8 – 85100 Potenza (PZ)

Telefono 0971.668624

Fax 0971.668820




Contrada Tora Centomani, 11- 85100 Potenza (Italy)

Cafarelli Giovanni

Telefono: 0971 1800527

Fax: 0971 1800350


Abascià Aurelia

Telefono: 0971 1800542

Fax: 0971 1800350

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