BIC Euronova

who we are

BIC Euronova, a Business Innovation Centre located in the PTA (Málaga), is a company created with public and private capital, founded in 1991 through a European Community Commission initiative, to support the creation of innovative SMEs and to promote new colaboration activities between existing SMEs and public administration.


what we offer
  1. Business creation
    1. Selection of innovative business ideas. Business ideas with the highest degree of innovation, maturity and business viability are selected.
    2. Advisory services. Individual tutorials aimed at business people and entrepreneurs on matters such as management, marketing, consulting and technology, discussions, forums, data bases, guidelines for procedures for the creation of businesses, tools, etc.
    3. Training. Providing  entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to create and manage a business and ensure its success, enabling them to transmit an image of innovation and quality in all their activities.
  2. Business incubator
    1. Lease of modular business premises and space for industrial use and/or business services range from 20 m2 offices up to 160 m2 that can be redistributed internally to adapt to the needs of individual businesses.
    2. Lease of logistic services: auditorium, conerence hall, meeting rooms, computer room, telephone servics, cleaning services, rental of audio-visual equipment, furniture, etc.
    3. Administrative and computing services: telephone calls, mail, bulletin board, library, documentation centre, internet, cafeteria, restaurant, copy machine, fax, etc…
    4. Permanent tutorial service to answer consultations and offer advice when required.
    5. Permanent information service constantly updated regarding business and legislative news of interest, subsidies and grants, trade fairs and exhibitions, business co-operation and internationalization, innovation and technology, training programmes, collaboration agreements and other general information to respond to the needs of the business in the incubator.
  3. Business consultancy
    1. Permanent integrated management advice from over 800 experts from all Europe specialised in different disciplines.
    2. Business strategy by collaborating in analysis and planning processes.
    3. Commercial advice guided by the implementation of market research to detect demand trends and assess the competitive position of the company.
    4. Financial advice such as preparation of studies regarding costs, economic and financial ratios, analysis of break-even point, sales price, etc; analysis and identification of financial sources and management assistance to develop financial strategies, assess the risk and cost of different alternatives and to determine the company’s optimum debt ratio; assistance in preparing and monitoring budgets and cashh flow.
    5. Business administration advice in defining a tax policy and up to date information on tax legislation and regulations.
    6. Management of subsidies available from European funds, regional incentives, competitiveness plan for SMEs…

Coworking. Destined to professionals, businessmaen or entrepreneurs to share spaces and facilities to save on costs and discomfort prior to a final implementation.


BIC Euronova

Avda. Juan López Peñalver, 21

29590 Campanillas, Málaga


Tel.: +34 951 01 05 04
Fax.: +34 951 01 05 27
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