Chambers of Commerce of Andalusia

who we are

The Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Andalusia, is defined as a corporation under public law with legal personality, for representation, relationship and coordination of the Chambers of Commerce of Andalusia, especially in regard to counseling and collaboration with the Administration of the Government of Andalusia.


Corresponds to the Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation defend the general interests of commerce, industry and navigation in the area of Andalusia, configured as the representative body of all the Andalusian Cameras whose main objective is to ensure the momentum and, in general, the promotion of economic activities in Andalusia.


They are members of the Andalusian Council of Chambers all Chambers of Commerce and Industry and, where appropriate, Navigation, existing in Andalusia, through their chairmen.

what we offer

The Andalusian Council of Chambers acts and implements all initiatives and projects that are considered necessary or beneficial for the overall interests of the economy of Andalucía, based on the information conveyed by the companies themselves through Chambers of Commerce and develops a ongoing effort to improve the economic environment of business.


They provide a range of services in the following areas:

-          Training

-          Create and consolidate companies

-          Internationalizing

Inform and represent


Consejo Andaluz de Cámaras

C/ Santo Tomás 13, 41004 Sevilla

14 Cámaras en Andalucía

Tel.: +34 954.501.303
Technology transfer
Knowledge transfer
Renewable Energy
Energy efficiency
Industrial applications
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