who we are

The Catalonia Energy Efficiency Cluster (CEEC) is an entity that, through the collaboration between companies and associates from the areas of technology, research, institutional, regulatory, industrial, and business information, has the aim of promoting the field of energy efficiency.


The CEEC was established as a nonprofit business association that brings together companies in their activities, offers, promotions or develops products or services related to energy efficiency in the following sectors: buildings, mobility, utilities, industry and training.

what we offer

The cluster is based on the collaboration between companies and organizations for the benefits of the synergy between them. Therefore, we define several actions:

 -          Development of new packages or integrated solutions energy efficient, competitive in the international market.

-          Identifying complementarities between enterprises and encouraging collaborative projects.

-          Fostering the exchange of knowledge for the application of innovations and new developments.

-          Enhancing access to aid for investments in R & D.

-          Promoting the exchange of experiences among business and professional associates.

-          Promoting the participation of partners in the market for energy efficiency through information on tenders, trade contracts, etc.

-          Dissemination and promotion capabilities, energy efficiency products and services offered by partners (training courses, participation in trade fairs, conventions, promotional campaigns, etc.).

-         Promotion and participation in training courses for professionals.


Phone: +34 933 192 300


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