College engineers of Spain

who we are

The Oficial Schools of Engineers are characterized by the spirit of service to its members, facilitating the exercise of his profession, and an attitude of change and continually adapt to the problems that may arise.

what we offer

      Schools have the following general purposes:

       Collaborates with management and the business world in any technical / scientific, economic or legal, encouraging participation of the profession in matters which fall within their competence.

      Advises universities to adapt their curricula to the professional demands of the new graduates.

      Actively defends the profession, acting in advance both as rights to duties as regards channeling the aspirations of professionals within a framework of strict adherence to ethics.

      Develop services that are deemed necessary for professional and personal development of their members, with emphasis on the training aspects and job creation, not to mention other social and / or cultural heritage.


Technological Institutes:


Industrial engineers have promoted the creation of the Technological Institutes that are already in use in different regions. These institutes, nonprofit organizations, aim, make available to industries where there is autonomy, technological resources and services that the private sector can not take because of low profitability and which, however, must help the development of their environment.

 Its functions include, among others:


  • Promote and implement programs and technology projects.
  • Enabling businesses to access national and international technology programs.
  • Contribute to the increased coordination between companies, organizations and public and private institutions.
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge, stimulating the actions of study, research and training in the field of technology.
  • Promote quality as a key factor of production.
  • Carry out training activities in the field of advanced technologies and recycling professionals.




C/ Marie Curie, 4 (Local D2)

Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía

29590 Campanillas MÁLAGA

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