Eko sklad (Eco Fund)

who we are

Eco Fund, Slovenian Environmental Public Fund is the largest financial institution for promoting environmental investments in Slovenia. It supports environmental investments that are consistent with the National Environmental Action Plan and the environmental policy of the European Union.

Program loans for environmental investments of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs include investments greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, mitigation of air pollutants, effective waste management and protection of water.

what we offer

The main activity of the Fund is to provide:

  • soft loans for a variety of environmental protection investments at interest rates lower than market rates,
  • guarantees and other forms of guarantees for investment protection,
  • assistance (financial, economic and technical advice and carry out the tasks relating to the implementation of security policy environment). 

Eko sklad, Slovenski okoljski javni sklad

Bleiweisova 30, 1000 Ljubljana


Tel.: +386 1 241 48 20
Fax.: +386 1 241 48 60
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