European Business and Innovation Centre of Aix-en-Provence

who we are

The European Business and Innovation Centre is a major force behind the PACA Innovation Regional Network. It is located in the Arbois Eco-Business Zone, a technology park with an environment and sustainable development focus.

BICs were created by the European Commission to promote economic dynamism by building on local potential and bringing out innovation in business.

 The Provence BIC was set up in 1993 by the Departmental Council, the PACA Regional Council, the Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce and the Arbois Technology Park Joint Commission (Syndicat Mixte). There are currently 144 BICs in the European Union and 300 innovation support centres (BICs, Incubators, competitiveness clusters, regional innovation and development clusters (PRIDES) and technology parks) are members of the French national network RETIS.

 The Provence BIC focuses on providing premises and support for innovative companies in the early stages of creation or development. Its objective is to promote competitiveness among innovative companies operating in France, Europe and internationally and serves to boost business.

 The BIC's vision for innovation is founded in three key ideas:

  • A proposition,
  • A process,
  • Business models

 Towards innovation in both technology and services.

 The priority sectors for the Provence BIC are the environment, health and communications and information technology.

The BIC is at the heart of multiple local and European networks: EBN (European Business Network), RETIS (national innovation network), PACA Innovation (regional innovation network)

what we offer


The BIC helps you with the technical and/or technological aspects of your project through financial assessments, advice and networking with individuals and organisations that may help in its development.


Another element is the securing of the most appropriate financing for the project, including factors such as time and anticipating future needs.

This requires:

- prior translation of the company's development strategy into figures,
- the integration of financial constraints and opportunities associated with the project,
- in depth knowledge of sales and business risks and imperatives of the market.

For already existing companies, an assessment of their current financial situation is a necessary in the provision of help for development while maintaining financial security.


A financially structured project with a verified market opens doors to various financing solutions: loans, allocations, venture capital, different sorts of partnerships and so on.

The BIC can direct you to the most appropriate solution for your project.



The BIC can provide advice on what legal status to choose for your business, its fiscal status, the VAT regime, professional tax, copyright issues, accountancy, administrative setup, any employment grants, the fiscal status and status within the company of the director, insurance, pensions, research or startup research (JEI) tax credit and so on.

In addition, our team is at your disposal to help with any queries from the tax or company registration authorities, insurance or contingency bodies, or to assist in showing you how to draw up payslips, contracts and so on.


1. Conferences

The Provence BIC regularly organises cross-cutting events tailored to the specificities of innovative companies. These conferences are open to all those with a stake in business innovation.

  • The Conferences: The BIC programmes speakers and experts in its network to provide input on particular interest areas.
  • BtoB conferences: These conferences are followed by meet up sessions with speakers and experts who provide tailored assessments on the subject areas covered during the conferences.

Themes covered: Taxation, intellectual property, innovation, international business, communication, the internet, HR, Europe and so on.

2. Networking/promotional events

  • The events: In cooperation with its partners, the BIC organises various events with a focus on innovative companies.
  • Partnering in Project Committees: The BIC attends its partners' business creation project meetings.
  • Networking lunches: These events are designed to promote links between companies housed in the incubator encouraging the exchange of ideas, information and sometimes even durable professional relationships in a welcoming atmosphere.


The BIC is able to offer the benefit of its experience to public sector contracting authorities in their strategic choices, the economic or financial endorsement of these choices and their implementation.


The BIC has also successfully implemented a quality management system internally and can therefore offer technical assistance to other incubators.


CEEI Provence

Domaine du Petit Arbois BP 88
13545 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 4

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Head of Collaborative Projects
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Claude Terrière
Account Manager
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Account Manager
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