Friuli Innovazione

who we are

Friuli Innovazione was established in 1999 by the University of Udine, the Industrial Association of Udine, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Agemont, Industrial Association of Pordenone and CRUP Foundation, with the objective of facilitating the collaboration between the University and the economic system. Friuli Innovazione fosters the collaboration between researchers, business and industrial use of scientific and technological results produced by research. It assists entrepreneurs, companies and researchers in the development of innovative and high-tech business ideas by partner search, funding, launching new enterprises, incubation and the settlement in the scientific and technological park of Udine, Luigi Danieli. Friuli Innovazione’s services are geared towards some of the key strategic areas for the economy and the regional research system (extended-ICT, metallurgy and technology of surfaces and advanced materials, energy and environment, biotechnology, wood) fostering the internationalization of enterprises and talents as well.

what we offer

Friuli Innovation offers:

  • “Spazio Impresa” is a customised services to develop strategies, processes, technologies and human resources for the promotion and support of innovation from the generation of entrepreneurial ideas to the creation of new enterprises, incubating, mentoring, funding, seeking partners, networking and setting up at the Luigi Danieli Science and Technology Park.
  • Technology transfer promotes collaboration between enterprises and the scientific and technological research network, an essential step in spreading innovation and in knowledge transfer.
  • Funding service aims to inform and support enterprises and researchers to identify the most appropriate finance instruments, identifying key operating stages, searching for partners verification of eligibility criteria for:
  • EurOffice Service (EOS) is an international network of Science Parks, Business Incubators and Innovation Centres which facilitate access to global markets and internationalization by means of outbound services (prepare companies at their home location for the challenge of developing international markets) and inbound services (assist companies when visiting new regions to develop their international business).
  • Enterprise Development service aims to assist the creation of high-technology enterprises (with the Techno Seed incubator) and support the growth and development of small and micro high-technology enterprises (with the Techno Growth accelerator)
  • Hosting. Friuli innovation offers to companies an attractive space equipped with facilities and infrastructures to develop science and technology research projects. Friuli Innovation supports and assists tenants with:
    • infrastructure modification according to space and equipment needs
    • networking with enterprises and other actors resident in the Park
    • networking with professional associations, research bodies, potential partners and financiers
    • outsourcing administration and accounts

outsourcing technical and logistical functions


Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico Luigi Danieli di Udine
33100 Udine, via Jacopo Linussio 51
phone 0432/629911
fax 0432/603887

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