who we are

Geolit is a Science and Technology Park which brings together a number of business initiatives into a high-performance business environment in the heart of the province of Jaén. With initiatives from different sectors that match in a spirit of growth, sustainability and vision, the park is in full swing with more than 300 employees working in different companies and organizations.

what we offer

Axis 1: Help companies to establish in Geolit.

-          Marketing Plan

-          Creation of tools to support the establishment of companies in the park.


Axis 2: Support the creation and development companies (preferably technology-based companies).

-          Development of tools & instruments to support entrepreneurs.

-          Total immersion of Geolit in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation culture.

-          Valuation of new business ventures and endogenous resources of Jaen.


Axis 3: Promote and facilitate the relationship between the different actors of the science, technology and business system.

-          Attracting and enhancing R & D centers and departments of R & D + i private.

-          Development of tools and strategic elements needed to enhance the relationship between the different actors in the system of Science-Technology-Enterprise.

-          Develop of " JAÉN Sustainable Space for INNOVATION" projet.


Axis 4: Offer high quality common and advanced services to users and contributors

-          Human Resources and park management

-          Common Services

-          Offering value-added services

-          Detection, design and implementation of high value-added services

-          Relations between firms in Geolit


Axis 5: Improve the prestigious image of the park and its users

-          Improve the quality, innovation and sustainability of Geolit

-          Establishment of a fluid communication system both in and out "promoting innovation in Jaén".

-          Positioning Geolit as reference instrument in the creation and maintenance of wealth, both socially and economically, based on, preferably, knowledge and always, from a sustainable and inclusive in Andalusia


Geolit, Parque Científico y Tecnológico

C/ Sierra Morena, manzana 11,

Complejo Tecnológico de Servicios Avanzados.

23620 Mengíbar, Jaén.


Tel.: +34 953 276 977
Fax.: +34 953 258 181
Science/Technologic Park
Renewable energy
Innovation management
Business intelligence
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