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who we are

ZRMK continues the tradition of research and development, acquiring and communicating know-how and new findings in engineering and construction, which stretches back over fifty years. It offers comprehensive solutions to their complex non-standard issues relating to development, technical consulting, project design, and assuring top-quality construction material and quality implementation of work.

what we offer
  • Basic and applied research in the field of building materials and construction, indoor environment, building physics and energy in buildings

  • Developing new construction materials and technologies

  • Providing comprehensive consultative and technological solutions for the use of specific construction materials and methods

  • Testing and assuring the quality of construction materials and methods

  • Carrying out expert inspections and providing opinions on the quality of construction materials and construction

  • Efficient energy use in buildings, energy auditing and energy advisory service for households and local communities regarding introduction of energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources

  • Feasibility studies and planning of measures for energy retrofitting and upgrade of buildings

  • Construction quality assessment and identification of structural failures and mechanical installations’ defects

  • Energy certification for buildings


GI ZRMK d.o.o.

Dimičeva 12, p.p. 2554, 1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: +386 1 280 81 81
Fax.: +386 1 280 81 91
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