who we are

HABITEC is a private non-profit foundation constituted in 2009 which has been qualified by the Andalusian administration as a Technological Centre.

The foundation is formed by important entities working in the field of energy, technology, and construction. One of the main objective of HABITEC is to contribute to the development and technological innovation of the Andalusian companies involved in sustainable construction. Another important objective is to improve the competitiveness of these companies through partnership at national and international level.

With the collaboration of HABITEC, companies can transform their innovative ideas into reality by contracting different services, participating in R&D projects, in trainings or info-days organized by the center.

what we offer
  1. Consultancy. HABITEC gives advice to the foundational entities and to any other company related with ICT, energy, and construction about the following aspects:
    1. Adecuation to the Spanish construction law in terms of energy limitation, installations, and solar energy.
    2. Diagnosis studies for companies, identifying and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of their products and services, searching for new niche markets and business solutions, and defining the technology needs for each company.
    3. Technical and administrative support with public funding applications.
    4. Energy consumption minimization studies for all types of installations through the analysis of detailed  information provided by the clients.
    5. Automation and control solutions studies to minimize energy consumption in buildings.
    6. All types of sustainable architecture studies: environmental perspective, renewable energy integration in buildings, building rehabilitation based on sustainable criteria.
    7. Building energy qualification in any phase of the project and advice to obtain an energy qualification improvement during the design/construction phase of the building optimizing costs.
    8. Support for the creation of new technology-based companies.
    9. R&D&i project management from funding search to the final reports, including the establishment of technology partnerships with universities, technology centres, etc.
    10. Compilation of legislation related to renewables and energy efficiency in buildings.
  2. Training. The objective of the training Department is to promote and collaborate in the organization of trainings giving the opportunity to professionals and advanced students to update and specialize their knowledge. The trainings impulsed by HABITEC are related with the three sectors where the foundation is active: ICT, Energy and Construction.
  3. Conferences & networking. The center is equipped with multimedia facilities which allow the organization of meetings, workshops, trainings or presentations of products.

Fundación Habitec

C/ Marie curie, 22

29590, Campanillas, Málaga


Tel.: +34 952 02 81 26
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