Hidria Inštitut Klima

who we are

In the Institute, which opened its doors in 2006, efforts are oriented toward development of cutting-edge systems for air conditioning, heating and cooling in buildings. The engineers of the Institute through the innovation processes look for solutions that provide healthy and comfortable living spaces as well as energy saving modern buildings installations. Due to the large interdisciplinary field of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration Institute cooperates with many Slovenian and foreign companies and research institutions.

what we offer

High-tech equipment in R & D laboratories and Hidria Institute Klima enables innovation, development, testing and measurement of products according to international standards. The laboratory which is the largest laboratory of its kind in Slovenia and neighbouring countries is particularly proud of its acoustic measurement module. Most of measurements is carried out in the general laboratory for testing and measuring of air distribution elements. In addition to standard laboratory measurements, laboratory is able to provide measurement of the applied projects, which means simulating the comfort of the room in full size and under realistic conditions.

Hidria Institute is an important development as well as an educational centre. In collaboration with Hidria Knowledge Academy knowledge and experience is transferred to domestic and foreign students, project managers, implementers and users of air conditioning, heating and cooling in buildings.


Hidria Inštitut Klima, Godovič 150, 5275 Godovič

Tel.: +386 5 377 4400
Fax.: +386 5 377 4426
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