LEAS - National consortium of energy agencies

who we are

Within the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme and in support of local communities and the Ministry of the Environment six local energy agencies were established (nowadays there are seven agencies). With the aim of co-operation, preparation and implementation of the common objectives in the local environment as well as efficient involvement in national and international frameworks agencies established a national consortium of energy agencies (LEAS Consortium). The aim of the consortium is the realization of the priorities based on three program pillars: energy management, energy data base and related information, promotion and dissemination of results.

The mission of local energy agencies is promotion and fostering of continual improvement of energy efficiency and accelerated introduction of use of renewable energy sources in the region, with focus on maximization of local energy self-sufficiency of region and strengthening of wealth of inhabitants.

Agencies support the introduction of good energy management practices, advocate the concept of sustainability, provide information and guidance, and offer a number of other local services based on specific local energy needs. They operate impartially on both energy demand and supply issues and reflect the local situations, economic and social circumstances and the geographical size of the relevant local area.

what we offer

In general LEAs provide wide-ranging advice on all aspects of energy, as well as technical assistance in the design of energy projects, heritage and infrastructure and provision of public information on these topics. Agencies often act as a contact point for relations with European networks and institutions as well as an intermediary to local, regional and national players.

Main services:

  • Support for the implementation of local/regional energy plans and development of local and regional energy concepts
  • Information, advice and training (municipalities, investors, agriculture sector) on energy management issues
  • Energy audits of the public and private buildings, apartment blocks, public lighting and preparation of buildings for energy performance certification
  • Raising awareness on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and transport issues
  • Search for energy-management incentive funds at national and international level
  • Help the municipalities to find and implement the appropriate renewable energy (including heat pumps, solar and photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, wind, hydro power)

GOLEA - Goriška lokalna energetska agencija

Trg Edvarda Kardelja 1, 5000 Nova Gorica

Mednarodni prehod 6, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici


EnergaP - Energetska agencija za Podravje, Zavod za trajnostno rabo energije

Smetanova ulica 3, 2000 Maribor


LEA Spodnje Podravje - Lokalna energetska agentura Spodnje Podravje, Zavod za promocijo in pospeševanje trajnostnega energetskega razvoja

Prešernova ulica 18, 2250 Ptuj


LEA Pomurje - Lokalna energetska agencija za Pomurje, Zavod za promocijo in pospeševanje trajnostnega energetskega razvoja

Martjanci 36, 9221 Martjanci


LEAG - Lokalna energetska agencija Gorenjske

Slovenski trg 1, 4000 Kranj


LEAD - Lokalna energetska agencija Dolenjske, Posavja in Bele Krajine

Cesta krških žrtev 30, 8270 Krško

Tel.: +386 5 393 24 60
Fax.: +386 5 393 24 63
Tel.: +386 2 234 23 60
Fax.: +386 2 234 23 61
LEA Spodnje Podravje
Tel.: +386 5 99 74 658
Fax.: +386 5 99 78 002
LEA Pomurje
Tel.: +386 2 538 13 54
Fax.: +386 2 538 13 55
Tel.: +386 59 92 49 74
Tel.: +386 7 488 11 50
Fax.: +386 7 488 11 55
Tel.: +386 3 8961 520
Fax.: +386 3 8961 522
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