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who we are

Public Institution Institute for Physical Planning was founded to perform the activities of regional planning for the County. Until the Spatial Planning and Building Act was brought, which entered into force on October 1st 2007, the activities of regional planning in Primorje- Gorski Kotar County were done by the County Institute for Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning as an administrative body.

what we offer

The activities of the Public Institution are defined by Law and comprise:

-        the making and follow up of the implementation of documents of spatial planning on the local (regional) level,

-        the filing of the report on the current status of the County’s space,

-        the management of data records in the framework of the information system of spatial planning,

-        the preparation of positions for the drawing or putting out of force of spatial plans for certain areas,

-        the issuance of opinions in the procedure of making and implementation of spatial planning documents,

-        the drawing of spatial plans of the large town, towns and municipalities and regional plans, if such a task is entrusted by the competent Ministry or the County Assembly,

-        the performing of professional, analytical  activities in the area of spatial planning, if such tasks are entrusted by the competent Ministry or County Assembly.

The institution performs the above mentioned activities as public service.


Phone: +385 51 351 600, +385 51 351 772

Fax: +385 51 212 436


Mail: (Director)

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