Regional development agency PORIN

who we are

Regional Development Agency was established in 1996, since when it has constantly evolved as a supporting institution for small and medium enterprises, and since 2004 it started acting as a development agency as well. Regional Development Agency PORIN Ltd. presents integrated activities for the overall regional development of Primorje – Gorski Kotar County as well as Croatia in general. It was established to bring the systematic support in the mobilization and further development of Primorje – Gorski Kotar County and its economic entities.

what we offer

-        Growth and development of small business: increasing the quality of all work processes, governance and management of a company, training, etc.

-        Enterprise networking

-        Initiatives for new clusters: design, tourism, car trade

-        Supporting the existing ones (wood, metal, IT)

-        Getting involved in local and international projects and networking into similar associations

-        Supporting other forms of association (cooperatives, etc.)

-        Internationalisation of Croatian companies: initiating export consortia, appearing on trade fairs, fostering economic exchange and searching for partners

-        Consulting and informing of the entrepreneurs

-        Young people and women in entrepreneurship

-        Drafting investment studies, feasibility studies and business plans

-        Entrepreneurial incubator for service industry Torpedo

-        Entrepreneurial incubator for manufacturing industry Rujevica

-        Training program for start-up and existing enterprises

-        Supply and demand of labour markets for different target groups

-        Training for persons from various institutions.


Phone: +385 51 634 330

Fax: +385 51 634 340



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