SATT Sud-Est Technology Transfer Accelerator

who we are

Accelerating the region's economic development through innovation

The SATT Sud Est (South East) Technology Transfer Accelerator is your one-stop shop for the transfer and commercialisation of innovative technologies. It is a key player in economic development through innovation. It promotes public sector research and technology transfer to industry. It works closely with researchers and is strongly rooted in the economic fabric of the region.

The SATT Sud Est is an extension of the technology transfer initiative provided by Valorpaca since 2006. Valorpaca is the non-profit association of PACA universities and INRIA, IRD, AP-HM and the Nice CHU are all associate members. The SATT Sud Est has benefited from Valorpaca's know-how, skill set and excellent reputation.

Research excellence in PACA & Corsica

The SATT Sud Est has access to the research potential of over 10,000 researchers, graduate students and postdocs, as well as an EUR 600 M annual R&D budget. PACA and Corsica rank 3rd in the French league table of numbers of public sector researchers and 2nd in Life Sciences. The excellence of research in the two regions is recognized in a number of fields, including Health and Biotechnology, Information and Communications Technology, Ecotechnologies and Social Sciences.

The SATT Sud Est is financed by the PACA Region and the European Union. The European Union PACA financing comes through the European Regional Development Fund.

A key player in the Investments for the Future Program

The SATT Sud Est won the 2011 tender for SATT projects awarded by the French State Fund for Development, as part of the Investments for the Future Program. Set up on January 23rd 2012, the SATT is a French simplified limited company with shares, with state contribution of EUR 78 M. Its capital of EUR 1 M was contributed by the state via its shareholders (5 universities from PACA & Corsica, the Ecole Centrale Marseille, the CNRS, INSERM and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations).

what we offer

For the attention of researchers and inventors

  • Promotion and development of research results:
    • identification of innovative projects with high market potential,
    • disclosure of inventions,
    • assessment of patentability of technologies,
    • assessment of market potential of your technologies,
    • filing of patents and their international extensions,
  • Management of intellectual property portfolios of umbrella organisations,
  • Financial support for the development of technologies up to the proof of concept via the elaboration of prototypes and preproduction units etc.
  • Marketing and licensing of the technology offer
  • In partnership with business incubators we support the creation of innovative businesses, startups or spin-offs.

For the attention of manufacturers

Entrepreneurs seeking new technologies to win market share:

  • Access to innovative technology portfolios from academic research
  • In partnership with Competitiveness Clusters, we identify technological requirements
  • Reduction of the industrial risk on technologies.

SATT Sud Est

8 rue Sainte Barbe
13001 Marseille

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 91 91 20
Fax: +33 (0)4 91 31 71 77

Executive Director for Materials, Environment and ICT
Tel.: +33 (0)4 91 91 91 16
Jean-François BLANCO
Responsible for projects detection
Tel.: +33 (0)4 13 24 66 04
Didier NOEL
Executive Director for Licensing and start-up creation
Tel.: +33 (0)4 91 91 91 16
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