SID Banka

who we are

SID Bank (SID – Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka) was established in 1992 as Slovene Export Corporation (Slovenska izvozna družba, d.d., Ljubljana) with the aim of providing insurance and financing of export for Slovene companies. Since then it has grown and evolved in step with development of Slovene economy. The mission of SID Bank is: »We develop, provide and promote long-term financial services designed to supplement financial markets for the sustainable development of Slovenia.«

The financial services of SID Bank support and promote investments in research and development of environmental technologies in private enterprises and realization of environmental projects, waste management projects and projects in the energy and renewable energy sources.

what we offer

With the help of various financial instruments SID Bank promotes projects of banks, companies, and other institutions, the objective of which amongst others is:

  • development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs),
  • support of investments in research and development of technological environment and technology,
  • realization of environment-protection projects and waste disposal,
  • support of projects in the field of power supply and renewable energy resources,
  • increase of competitiveness of Slovene economy and growth of innovative environment,
  • improvement of traffic and municipal infrastructure,
  • support of public institutions (communities, districts, regions).

Keeping in mind the extraordinary potential of the SMEs for Slovene economy and also their needs, SID Bank in cooperation with commercial banks provides the following services for the Slovene SMEs:

  • financing of internationalization of small and medium enterprises (SMEs),
  • financing of environmental investments of the SMEs,
  • financing of SMEs' investments in research, development and innovation,
  • sharing of risks arising financing of SMEs' investments in research, development and innovation,
  • insurance of risks of the nature and level for which financial institutions and private reinsurance market are not willing to cover or have limited capabilities to cover,
  • financing of regular operation (current assets) of the SMEs.

SID Banka, Josipine Turnograjske 6, 1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: +386 1 2007 500
Fax.: +386 1 2007 575
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