Technological innovation centre Rijeka (TIC)

who we are

Technological-Innovation Center Rijeka is a science-technologic incubator. TIC helps entrepreneurs to set up enterprise for development of products or services that are based on a higher or high technology and thus enable their growth and development. The idea emerged at the University of Rijeka in 1994, following the example of technology centers in Europe. Entrepreneurs who have a registered firm or those without one but with products or services that are based on innovation, high or higher technology can join TIC and thus shorten and ease the path of the idea, innovation, knowledge, product or service to market commercialization.

The Technology Innovation Center Rijeka founded FIPRO Foundation whose goal is to finance entrepreneurs with products/services of high and higher technology which have not been given due attention so far, although their business is riskier than other forms of entrepreneurship.

what we offer

Highly educated experts come to the center, establish an enterprise and realize their innovative idea for a product/service based on advanced technologies. The goal is to shorten the way of the idea, innovation, knowledge, product or service to commercialization on the market and to make that way easier. Each interested entrepreneur firstly fills a questionnaire, and then designs a business plan. Once he is accepted in TIC, he signs an Agreement on Support and Lease with TIC management. The entrepreneur spends 3- 5 years in TIC premises. Once he has an ensured marketing position he leaves it. TIC (Technological- Innovation Center Rijeka Ltd.) assists entrepreneurs in establishing of their company for development of products or services based on higher or high technology, thus enabling their growth and development.

Besides the job of incubation (acquisitions, infrastructure services, consultations, contacts, technology transfer), TIC also participates in other projects important for the technological development of the region.


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