Tecnoparco del Lago Maggiore

who we are

The Tecnoparco del Lago Maggiore was established in 1996 under the initiative of the European Community and the Piedmont Region with the aim of promoting the local entrepreneurship on the basis of innovative technologies. The Tecnoparco del Lago Maggiore S.p.A, created by Finpiemonte e Saia, manages the Tecnoparco. 

what we offer

The Tecnoparco del Lago Maggiore offers to its tenants the following services:

  • Incubation for innovative start- ups;
  • Tecno Lab ( ): independent laboratory active in the fields of Materials, Electromagnetism, Electronics,  Mechanics, where a multidisciplinary team of experts test products on the basis of national and European standard (EN, UNI, CEI, ISO, ASTM, ASME, BS, IPC)
  • Nis Lab ( ): Research laboratory active since 2008 in the fields of nanotech and innovative materials. Nis Lab works on applied research establishing cooperation networks between universities and enterprises.

Tecnoparco Del Lago Maggiore S.p.A.
Via dell'industria, 26
Fondotoce - 28924 Verbania

Tel. (+39) 0323 586898
Fax. (+39) 0323 586890
E-mail :

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