who we are

Unioncamere Friuli Venezia Giulia is an association that represents the whole regional chamber system (Chambers of Commerce of Trieste, Gorizia, Udine, Pordenone) and is aimed to support and promote the regional economy and business development in negotiations at national and international level.

what we offer

Unioncamere Friuli Venezia Giulia coordinates the activities of the regional chambers of commerce in the international promotion and stimulates the regional economy and industrial development through many services and targeted initiatives offered by each Chamber to Smes on local basis:

  • business activities/brokerage
  • funding support
  • support to technological innovation and research
  • internationalization and foreign trade
  • female and young entrepreneurship promotion
  • training initiatives

Each Chamber manages its own funding (the so called “Fondi camerali”) and some regional funding schemes aimed to support local Small and Medium Sized Entreprises willing to improve their energy efficiency (in buildings or process), to use RES and innovate the industrial process.

Each chamber publishes in its website open calls related to energy efficiency/RES/innovation.


With reference to funding opportunities targeted to Smes related to energy and innovation, we reccomend the following links:




Unioncamere FVG

c/o Camera di Commercio di Udine

via Morpurgo 4 - 33100 UDINE
Tel. 0432 273223


Camera di Commercio di Trieste

Piazza della Borsa 14 - 34121 Trieste

tel 040 6701 111


Camera di Commercio di Gorizia

Via Crispi 10 - Gorizia
Tel. 0481 3841


Camera di Commercio di Udine

Via Morpurgo, 4 – Udine

Tel. 0432 273111


Camera di Commercio di Pordenone

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 47 - Pordenone

Tel. 0434 381211

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