who we are

The Walqa Technology Park, was born with the aim of becoming a center of innovation and R & D, especially in the field of information technology, biotechnology and renewable energy.


 The park was founded in 2002, is a member of the APTE (Spanish Association of Scientific and Technological Parks) and the IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Scientists).


It has a total area of ​​53 hectares, of which are urbanized 4 of its six stages, and currently has 14 buildings where they are installed local, regional, national, multinational, new entrepreneurs, universities and technology centers .

what we offer
  1. Facilities and business incubators
    1. Individual and shared offices
    2. Meeting rooms
    3. Formative rooms
    4. Laboratories


  1. Business services
    1. Establishment and maintenance of management systems
    2. Establishment of quality policies.
    3. Establishment of production management systems.
    4. Strategy and marketing plans
    5. Business plans
    6. Trade names register
    7. Soft landing program
    8. Proffesional training


  1. Services for the companies in the incubators
    1. Reprography
    2. Mail
    3. Facilities maintenance
    4. Comunication services


  1. Adittional services
    1. Restaurant
    2. Dining room
    3. Leisure area
    4. Sport centre
    5. Parking
    6. Security services


Pt.Walqa, ctra nº 333 km 566 Cuarte (HUESCA)



Tel.: +34 974 299 200
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