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The Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT) is a Technological Centre of Engineering and Knowledge Management established as a non profit private foundation, recognised as being of public interest. IAT acts under strictly professional criteria, providing Knowledge Intensive Services and developing its own technology.

IAT generates its own technology through Research, Development and Innovation processes, and will also provide Knowledge-Intensive Services, in order to become a reference among other Technological Centres in Engineering and Knowledge Management at a worldwide level. It aims to meet the needs and expectations of its Interest Groups: employers, clients, people from the organisation, stakeholders and the social environment.


To assist companies and institutions in improving their results while making them sustainable, providing them Value by using innovative solutions.

IAT´s management model for the development of its activities and R&D&Innovation projects is based on focusing the customers´ preferences, the description of strategic and planning processes suported by Information and Communication Technologies. This model will be also based on the integration of applications to make better use of resources. 

IAT´s actions are governed by technical efficiency and sustainability, with the aim of generating trust and reliability, as well as meeting the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.


Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología 
c\Leonardo da Vinci, nº2
41092 Sevilla

Pablo de la Rosa
Project Manager
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