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The Consorzio per l’AREA di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica di Trieste, briefly AREA, manages, supports and promotes AREA Science Park, the leading science and technology park in Italy with multidisciplinary features and facilities located in Trieste and Gorizia, providing world-class infrastructures and equipment. It draws together facilities and skills to work on behalf of the competitiveness of the private sector, the promotion of research results, local innovation as well as on business development and internationalization. With 88 resident organizations – R&D centres and knowledge intensive companies – and a staff of 2400, AREA Science Park is a resource for small, medium, and large enterprises, research centres, startups, public administrations, and the region as a whole. 


AREA plays the role of a regional hub for innovation, where top training, research and enterprises meet and become a key resource for the growth of the territorial economy and employment opportunities. Over the years, it has actively contributed to the enhancement of the territory attractiveness and competitiveness through technology transfer, innovation management and energy efficiency related projects. So far, AREA has managed and cooperated in several national and international projects targeting innovation and the energy sector (ENERPLAN (www, IUSES (, PATRES (, PINE (, BUMP(), ADRIACOLD, TESSI (, MARIE (, that have further increased and widened AREA’s specific competences in the fields.


AREA Science Park
Padriciano 99
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Fabio Tomasi
Project manager
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