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The CIRCE Foundation —Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption— is a research centre founded in 1993 to create, develop and transfer innovative solutions as well as scientific and technological knowledge to the business sector within the energy field. It plays an important role for the eco-innovation promotion by providing technical assistance in the clean energy development and natural resources assessment, including water and water-energy integration. 
In 2001 the Ministry of Science and Innovation recognized CIRCE as a Technological Centre and in 2009 the CIRCE Joint Research University Institute of the University of Zaragoza was established so as to boast high-tech R&D systems to recognised and certified standards, providing efficient innovation services in close contact with real businesses able of triggering the generation of new knowledge. During all these years of activity, CIRCE has acquired international prestige as a training school in energy issues.


The mission of CIRCE is to promote the improvement of energy efficiency and the deployment of renewable energy by means of the development of R&D&I activities and training actions that meet the needs of the national and international productive sectors, contributing to a sustainable development.
CIRCE has taken part in more than 1,600 R&D&I projects coming from private contracts with companies and national or international institutions, as well as projects funded in competitive public calls. Among these, CIRCE has carried out several initiatives aiming to foster the use of RES, implement Energy Efficiency technologies in buildings, industries and SMEs, and to apply energy and resources management systems.


C/ Mariano Esquillor Gómez, 15
50018 Zaragoza 

Miguel Marco Fondevila
Project Manager
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