Regionalna energetska agencija Kvarner d.o.o.

who we are

Regional Energy Agency Kvarner has been established by the Primorsko Goranska County, with the support of the EU Intelligent Energy Europe program. The main objective of the Agency is to promote and encourage energy sustainable regional development by the use of renewable energy sources and introducing energy efficiency.

The agency implements and manages RES and EE projects for the Primorsko Goranska County as well as making Sustainable energy action plans (SEAP) for cities signatories of the Covenant of Mayors. The Agency organizes energy efficiency themed workshops for different target groups. The Agency is at disposal to local authorities helping them in developing and implementing energy efficiency projects/measures.


The Agency's vision is the Primorsko Goranska County with a high share of energy produced by renewable energy sources as an example of energy sustainable region, as well as a County example in the application of energy efficiency measures.

The Agency's mission is to increase the share of renewable energy sources and achieve energy savings by the implementation of energy projects that promote sustainable energy development.


Regionalna energetska agencija Kvarner d.o.o.
Ciottina 17b
51000 Rijeka

Darko Jardas
Project Manager
Andrej Čotar
Technical Expert
Andrej Filčić
Financial Manager
Lea Perinić
Communication Expert
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