Pilot Actions


Phase Material Change technology in glass envelopes


Glassolating foresees the testing of the Phase Material Change technology in glass envelopes, which will be implemented into two locations, in the CIRCE’s Head Office building (1) as well as in an experimental set up specially designed to test the PCM performance more in detail (2). In this way, the technology will be tested in a real building with different spaces, orientations, uses and possibilities (1), as well as in a standard construction (2) which will permit to check the performance between the PCM technology and the conventional one.


Glassolating aims to decrease energy consumption through an improvement of the heat/cold transfer mechanism in the selected building, since the PCM technology permits to reduce the thermal impact of heat and cold, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature along the whole year. Besides, it is a technology which can be apply to most of the tertiary buildings present in our cities, and therefore, it has a large potential for replication.


Glassolating will be implemented in Zaragoza (Aragon Region), on an office building owned by CIRCE and the University of Zaragoza. The building is already a demonstration site for energy efficiency technologies and RES integration.

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