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Sun as infrastructure


InfraSUN is based on elaboration of models of infrastructural solar heating and cooling. A combination of various solar thermal technologies will be used to evaluate, demonstrate and promote a concept of a new infrastructural economic model to facilitate the use of solar energy and to cut down expenses for the end users in tertiary sector.


Solar heating and cooling technologies could play an important role particularly as they are compatible with majority of conventional heat sources and offer high efficiency when combined into district heating systems. Solar cooling also benefits from the correlation between energy supply and cooling demand - when the solar resource is at its strongest the demand for cooling is highest. Solar heating and cooling technologies have large potential to reduce exposure and sensitivity to energy price fluctuations, as most costs occur at the initial investment stage and operating costs are minimal. The economical infrastructural model will propose solutions which facilitate the implementation of such systems.


On-line operational data of the pilot system (working temperatures, power, yield /heat, cold/) are available on:


Aereal view of the solar collector field

Collectors air

Installation with the Sortech adsorption chillers and heat storage



More about the pilot plant in media:

Videos: (Agencija Tromba,; in Slovene)

Internet & printed media:,-kolikor-sluzi-ljudem



InfraSUN is implemented and tested at the Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) headquarter (C building) in Ljubljana.

Visits are welcome from 15 July 2014 on previous announcement to the pilot plant administrator.

For more information please contact:

+386 1 477 32 25

+386 1 588 54 26


collectors detail


Heat recovery


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