Pilot Actions


Smart interface to impulse behavior changes favorable to Energy Efficiency


The SmartEE system is made of:

  • Sensor sets that measure energy-related parameters enabling the construction of building zone usage scenarios,
  • A data treatment module that convert raw measurement data into exploitable energy efficiency indicators,
  • A smart user interface displaying dynamic energy efficiency indicators in a pedagogical way on smart phones, tablets and/or PCs,
  • A box allowing raw data acquisition and storage, as well as transmitting orders to actuators upon end-user demand, whichever the communication protocol.

The SmartEE experiment targets energy savings up to 10% by influencing the building occupants behavior. 


At world level, Energy Efficiency in buildings has been set as a key factor of global warming mitigation. It is widely accepted that the first actions should go towards consumption cut-offs. SmartEE will demonstrate that significant energy savings can be reached at almost zero cost with better educational approaches using modern media, without compromise on comfort.


The SmartEE demonstrator will be implemented in the secondary school Paul Héraud in Gap, a door to the French Alps in the PACA region.

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